Hi there i need help:)

hello mate im new here just completed html of responsive web design
Im currently studying in school ,
I had completed around 2 parts of css and there is some problems arising related to the task as some task i had verified from you guys that the code is perfect but still im not able to pass around 4 tasks,

Now the second problem is related to my memory mean when i was learning html very rarely i forget code or syntax but as i had started css i just cant recall the css syntax , plz help me how you gus figured out how to remember these😘

Hello there @amitmishra4447 :wave:,

Let me be honest to you, if you are new to coding, it’s a hard thing to learn, but trust me it is worth it. You get higher pay and everything.
What I see here is almost the same to almost every new coders, they’re trying to remember the syntaxes. Let me tell a secret, when you’re coding, you DON’T want a mindset of “I have to remember this”. This is wrong.

If you really want to improve your coding skills, the best way to do it is through Projects. It doesn’t need to be big or really nice looking. It just have to be something that make you use what you have learned. Projects are just the key to every coders out there to getting better at coding, even me. Projects will help you to try new things out, and you want to try to implement it yourself. You are going to 100% fail one of the implementation, but this is fine, everyone goes through this phase. That’s why we have Google. You probably heard this SO MUCH, but this is just a really true statement, Google Is Your Friend. Googling is one of the skills you have to have in order to learn coding. Just remember, don’t be scared to try new things and ask around.

Hope this helps,

Remember to Stay Safe and Happy Coding!! :slight_smile:



Thanks , i will keep these things in my mind
1)Practice by lots of projects
2)google and ask for help
3)Now i will need you as mentor :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Really good question by @amitmishra4447. And a very good response by @Catalactics.

It is true that practice makes man perfect. Practice makes remembered everything that you practice.

Thanks for very good response @Catalactics .