Able to forget concepts

Hey guys ,im newbie here , recently for 6-7 days i was doing fcc Html /css exercises and completed those exercises , but the thing is im not able to remember /recall what i’d learnt i forgot many of the concepts. so could you help me to find a better way / strategy to remember and aplly concepts as i begin with projects?

I can totally relate with your situation.
The simple answer is - practice what you read/learned.
start coding the concepts that you learned and you can put them on github so if you need to revisit.

Practice is the only way it worked for me. The more you practice the more it will feel natural and relatable.
I hope it helps. Happy Learning !

Practice where? you mean doing those fcc challenges again?

well you can do exercises for the concept you learned on fcc.
goto other code sites / solve problems. participate in code challenges.

It’s totally normal to forget these things, the same happens to me too. For me the best way to remember is to start building my own projects. And of course you will need to google things and looks things up as you need them, but it’s better than just following a tutorial because in a tutorial they just tell you what you need to do, whereas if you make your own projects you really have to think about it.

Check out these ideas:

you can always go back to review previous challenges when you need to use them