Just finished html, I still feel unsure

Hello, I just finished HTML and halfway through CSS, I don’t feel very confident, is this normal.
I am new to programming and learning languages. I am completing the challenges fairly quickly, i guess my question is… I am I supposed to be remembering this stuff? Im not sure if im supposed to know everything i just went over. please share your experience.


Yes, to some extent. As you use it, you start remembering it better and better. It also helps to review lessons. Watch YouTube videos (this channel is very good), search google, etc.

Yes, it’s normal when you’re first starting to learn to code, just review lessons etc. as I said above and you’ll eventually feel more confident. :slight_smile:


If you don’t remember something google it, or search directly in one of the websites you found gold good documentation
Consulting documentation often is normal for every programmer
Learning to search for infos and syntax is a needed skill

But you should be remembering is the kind of things you can obtain with your code, if you don’t remember the how, search for it


That’s ok because you are learning. It’s a normal learning curve. Just practice as much as possible, and pretty soon you will see that you remember almost all basic stuff. Also, you can always google. Good web developers don’t remember everything, it’s impossible. Instead they know where they can find the necessary information.

So, just believe in yourself, and practice a lot. But don’t forget to have a rest and good sleep :slight_smile: It’s very important as well.

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I previously learned a lot of basic concepts in years past from w3 schools, so I did not start my FCC training completely fresh. I think that a lot of content is covered in the Responsive Web Design Course, and without some prior practice I would have struggled with parts of it. Sometimes the terminology is pretty technical.

Even with some experience, if I forget the syntax for a feature I will look it up either in the search box in FCC or on w3 schools. You might need to engage in some repetitive practice to make things stick. :grinning: The developer’s section on the Mozilla website is also very helpful if you need to delve into why a feature works a particular way and need more explanation.

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Yeah. Sometimes, I forget stuff.
I can always review the things I forget.
Stuff like css doesn’t stick to my brain really well, so I just review it.
There are skills I don’t use at all. I never use css flexbox or grid.
I just use visual design and basic css for now.

Just remember that it’s totally fine to forget things.
Just keep coding.

Yes its ok to forget. Everyone forgets. I have found I retain the more notes I write, digital or good old pen and paper. Also, be creative – break, fix, and modify not to follow the exercises, but to learn. Also, you might try another tutorial or two. You might try this one https://github.com/denysdovhan/learnyouhtml

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