I learned, and I forget. Then I get into stuck

I started learning HTML and CSS about half year ago. and I got the certification of responsive web design in freecodecamp on november 18, 2019; and then I didn’t put too much time on HTML and CSS, because I want to learn some data structure and algorithms with JavaScript; However, when I am trying to use HTML and CSS today, I found that I almost forgot all the attributes and the deployment , like I don’t know how to get started writing when I want to make web page; so I think I lost the skills I learned. it’s really make me feel frustrated. I need help and I wanna know how you guys keep the skills fresh. I really appreciate it if you could give me some suggestions or leave a comment blow.

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Practice, practice, practice, that is the only way to retain the information when you are starting out. What happened to you is completely normal and I’m sure it’s something common for a lot of people.

Just practice your HTML and CSS skills by building simple landing pages, practice until you feel comfortable with these technologies, also keep in mind that you don’t have to remember each and every HTML attribute or CSS property, nobody does. When you don’t remember a given attribute/property, you ask Google.


Completing the projects and actually using the skills you learn. There isn’t really any way around it, we just forget what we don’t we use daily/weekly.

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I started to use the spaced repetition software Anki to work through the FCC curriculum. Currently, I am nearing the end of JS, but I wish I had done this already with HTML/CSS. Just one link per card. I clear the code and do it again when it is due. As you answer cards correctly more often, they get scheduled later and later.

The forgetting curve is active in anybody :wink:


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That’s really cool. I’ll be using too.

Oh, I think you studied not so long ago) You just have to begin to practice again. Maybe use some free course from Udemy to refresh your knowledge there’s a lot of them https://www.udemy.com/courses/development/web-development/. And again practice!

You need to practice, it s normal to forget stuff especially if you didn t work much with it at first. If you went through the stuff only once and then moved to something else, then yes you will forget easily.

The thing is you need to practice even a bit every day or few times a week so this way you won t forget. IMO is not the end of the world if you forget some css because it s more about syntax, it hits more when you forget stuff about some programming language because there things are a lot connected, as for CSS you just go on some website with all the properties and have a look how they work.
If you don’t know where to start with CSS again I recommend having a look at laying stuff in page, that can be tricky sometimes and learn how is width/height calculated and then the rest. Being able to put or align elements the way you want in page is quite important.

I think you are right,maybe I am just not very familiar with my skills. I’ll do more practice from now, thank you , my friend.

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yeah, maybe I just lack of practice. when i read the code, I can understand them, but when it comes to writing code I am not fluent with all the process; I’ll try what you said, thank you.

thank you, I’ll try. you are right, practice makes perfect. :smile:

It’s never too late to update and upgrade your knowledge and skills. And there’s no better way to take a proactive approach to self-advancement. Invest in yourself and look for opportunities for development, personally and professionally.

Ah I’ve read about this method before. Very cool.