How to practice what I learned?

Hi, I am currently doing Applied Visual Design from Responsive Web Design. I am able to solve all the challenges but it seems like I am getting a bit confused. Can someone suggest how or where to practice what I am learning.

There’s a whole section in Free Camp on interview challenges you could work though some of those?

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You don’t have to wait until the projects to get your hands dirty. When you learn some HTML/CSS in the challenge waypoints, google “w3 <your concept here>”. w3 schools covers all the possible values for a given attribute, and there is a “try it” button on every page that lets you see it in action, often letting you code it, break it, fix it, and do the “doing” that is an integral part of learning to code.

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Main advice - do dummy projects. Think of projects that utilize the concepts you’re struggling with currently, this will help you get better at them.

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Thanks I’ll definitely look into it.

Thanks for the advice.