I need exercises to test on what I have learnt


I have completed the tutorials on Basic HTML , HTML5 and Basic CSS, any suggestion on ways I can get exercises to test me on what I have completed? I don’t want to move on without being sure I understand.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Each section of the curriculum is followed by several projects for testing what you’ve learned. Have you done the Responsive Web Design Projects yet?

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Hi, thanks for replying. No I haven’t. I was just about to start applied visual design. So are you suggesting I finish Responsive Web Design Projects before I do any tests?

You can do the curriculum and projects in any order you wish. Later sections do usually assume you’ve completed the earlier ones, but you can always go back to any section at any time.

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Ok. Thank you. I will move on to the next lesson. Hopefully, these will serve as a refresher to what I have already covered. :hugs:

Hey there! I am a beginner as well. I started my coding journey a couple of months ago. I think it is really smart that you are taking your time with the lessons because unfortunately a lot of people will rush through the curriculum just to get to the certifications. It should really be about the learning not the certifications.

Completing the projects at the end of the responsive design section will give you some more practice with the concepts that you have just learned. I just started the javascript section but when I need to take breaks from that then I work on the responsive design projects.

Hope that helps.

Happy Coding!

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Ok. Thanks for the advice. I really want to understand what I’m doing, since I’m coming into it with little to no knowledge. I started 2 weeks ago, I’m anxious to get to the certification as well but I know patience will yield greater rewards for me.

I can’t wait to start learning an actual Programming language. :smiley:

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I think you should also check out the w3Schools website. They have tutorials on everything from html, css ,javascript, php, python and more. I was on there this morning working through the javascript curriculum. There are a lot of examples that you could practice with. I wouldn’t worry to much about the HTML API section and HTML canvas section because that has to deal with javascript.

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It’s interesting that you recommended that, because I have been using it for a few days now. I guess I’m on the right track then. Also the exercises helped to prepare me for the applied visual design lessons that I started here, because I coming up on a number of them here.

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WOW! thank you so much :hugs: this website helped me very much.Due to this, many of my mistakes have been corrected.

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