I finished Responsive Web Design Certification but

Hi there, I finished all 5 projects in the Responsive Web Design Certification test and earned a certification for that. However, even though my projects were considered “passed,” they do not look exactly like the examples that were given to us for reference. I’m worried that this will affect my chances of getting jobs in the coding field in the future. I was thinking of using Free Code Camp as my main portfolio. What do you think?

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The examples are just that: examples. The point of them was to show you what you were trying to achieve, not that they were to be copied exactly. The important thing is that you met the requirements that the projects asked of you. There is still a lot more to learn after the first certification, and it just takes practice to get the hang of things. The more projects you build, the more you grow. It just takes time.


I see. Now I understand and many thanks for the reply. Yes, I have a lot more to learn. Currently in the midst of learning the very first course on JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures.

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