Responsive Web Design: New Course Format, Can I Still Get Certification for Old Course?

Hey there. I was working on the Responsive Web Design course as recently as yesterday, and have completed all the lessons, and one of the projects.

I’ve seen today that the course I thought I had nearly finished is now the “Legacy Responsive Web Design” and all of the progress I have made through it in the last month “are no longer part of the certification path, but are still available for you to further your learning.”

For reference, Legacy course is here:

New course (which I have no progress in apart from the Tribute Page certification project) is here:

I would appreciate not having to go through lessons in HTML and CSS again, because I was doing this course mainly as a review, but being very early in my programming career, would welcome earning a certification after completing the projects. I didn’t receive any notice via e-mail or within the website that the format was going to change over, nor do I see anything on freeCodeCamp’s social media (Twitter account) saying this would be happening.

Had I known, I would have hustled to have completed the course prior to the change, particularly if this means that all my course progress through the now-Legacy course is now redundant and that I have to complete the new course’s lessons.

Basically, am I able to complete the remaining projects in the Legacy course/current course which are the same and obtain the certification? Honestly, I’ll be incredibly upset if that isn’t the case.

The certification projects are all that are needed to the the certification, and those should be the same between the old and new version of the curriculum.

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