Responsive Web Design Updates

Hello everyone!

We are very excited to announce that our new version of the Responsive Web Design curriculum is now out of beta!

We have now fully released the new Responsive Web Design curriculum coursework.


  1. Can I complete the old coursework?
  • Yes. The old coursework is still available, and has been moved to the bottom of the curriculum map and renamed to Legacy Responsive Web Design
  1. What will happen to my progress?
  • Nothing. Your past progress will still be available in the Legacy Responsive Web Design section
  1. Can I claim the old certificate?
  • The certifications are exactly the same. All you need to claim a certificate is to complete the 5 Certification Projects, which are identical for both the Responsive Web Design and Legacy Responsive Web Design sections
  1. Should I stop doing the legacy coursework, and just start over with the new coursework?
  • This is entirely up to you. Majority of the topics are the same - just taught in an updated way. (See Project-Based Curricula)
  1. How do I use the new editor?
  • The new editor is as close to an external text editor as we wanted to get it. If the files for the challenge have been enabled, you can access the index.html and styles.css tabs which you should use for the respective code.
  • Two main differences between this editor and other online editors:
    • You need to link your styles.css file to your HTML (just like you would in real web-development), by adding the following line to the head of your HTML:
<link href="styles.css" />
    • We also encourage you to include the DOCTYPE, html, head and body tags for each project.

In the Legacy version there was a way to get hints or help (see a video) if I was stuck. I don’t see anything on the new version that provides help. Is there a way to get help if I am stuck on a lesson?


Hey there! You are still able to ask on our forums if you get stuck.

We are actively working on including the Ask For Help button in the new editor.

Hey there! Is there any way that my progress on the legacy course can be somehow transferred to the new one? Or do I need to start over if I want to change?

The courses are completely different - your progress in the legacy course is preserved and you can continue there, if you’d like. However, we worked very hard on this new course approach and I definitely believe it’s worth checking out!

Note that the lessons themselves aren’t required to complete the certification - only the five certification projects are required, and those are the same between the legacy version and the current version. :slight_smile:


Hey there! I’ve been having a lot of issues with my progress not saving at all. I was just working on the web design curriculum when everything reloaded. I checked my profile and according to that information my work was not recorded for the day prior at all…any help?

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If you were working on the old curriculum, that progress should be in the legacy curricula.

Thanks for this information. So I just completed three out of the five projects for the Responsive Web Design course. I would like to know if those projects that I did using codepen will still be counted towards the certification.

yes, what you already submitted has been submitted

Thanks ilenia. Also, I wanted to ask will the Legacy Responsive Web Design section always remain at the bottom because I don’t want those challenges I did to go away. Since, I would like to review them again in the future.


Hello there, how can i submit my tribute project which i have completed on codepen?

You’ll need to copy the code into the new editor

i have tried that but it is showing me errors and i couldn’t fix or understand what the problem is.

Best thing you can do is open a topic with your code so that we can help

ok thank you that would be very helpfull

You can always open a new thread with your code and a link to the challenge you are working on.

Hello, my name is Reece Heinrich (Peanut48). I have tried to sign back in and did so successfully. Once I checked my profile and curriculum everything is lose. I have worked really hard at this, can you please help.

Hello @heinrich1016 , you might have been doing the old web design course.
You can still get the old content (now Legacy Responsive Web Design)

So, just check whether your legacy web design course is completed till what you have done.

No it is not there so, do I need to start all over with my profile, avatar, and my Curriculum. Because it is all gone.