Hello everyone I'm taking the old Legacy Responsive Web Design can I still receive certificate on this old curriculum?

Yes, you can recieve the old certificate. But, try the update version if you want. It’s better :wink:

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because it was said that the old curriculum will be faced out…

Look that

maybe solve some of your questions.

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So the answer is YES!

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ohh thank you so much its a big help

I would stop the Legacy and just do the new version if your goal is to learn HTML and CSS, not just to get a certificate. I went through the complete Legacy version in February and earned the certificate. The new version is so much easier to understand. I was left feeling like I still didn’t understand that well. I spent a lot more time researching things because I didn’t understand what the lessons were talking about in the Legacy version (it seemed like they assumed I already had some background in HTML syntax, which I didn’t).
I decided to come back for a refresher because I took some time off, and have been so pleased with the new format that I decided to go through the entire Responsive Web Design course, even the five projects. I think that it is so much better laid out, and I am understanding the process so much better. Granted, I did some of it before. A lot of explanation was confusing in the Legacy version, or at least not clear. This time around, I am just looking up things for more information or to understand more fully. Looking things up is part of the process, but you shouldn’t have to spend all your time on other websites to learn how to do a project here. I am grateful to have stumbled back onto FCC.