Responsive Web Design Course disappeared or lost all progress

Sorry for the bad english. I had been taking the Web Responsive Design course on the platform for some time, in mid-2021, I was almost finishing the portfolio phase and now when I go to see my progress, it’s as if it didn’t exist and I can’t find the course anymore.

I had seen, in 2022 more or less that it changed to “Legacy” and I continued with my progress, but now there is no way to finish it, so I have to start from scratch.

PS: I was able to find legacy at: but I can’t see my progress. Another question would be whether you will NOT receive the certification if you complete the conclusion now?

Welcome there,

As you said, you can finish it at:

What progress can you not see?

I can see all of my progress on the page itself:

Otherwise, you can see your progress to claiming the certification at:

NOTE: ONLY the 5 certification projects are required in order to claim a certification. Also, the 5 certification projects of the “Legacy” curriculum are identical to the 5 in the “New” curriculum. So, if you completed any before hand, you should be able to see that on your settings page.

The certifications are identical - you can only claim one, and if you claimed the “old” one, you automatically have the “new” one, and vice-a-versa

Hope this helps

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