Do I deserve the certification

I have just finished the responsive web design course (My projects and cert)

My projects are terrible because I am quite new. Do I deserve the certification?

What should I do next? Should I move to the next course ( which is about Javascript) or should I try the responsive web design beta course to improve my web design skill before moving to the next courses?

Thank you!

Hey there!

Congratulations on earning your certification. Taking a quick look at your projects, and they are passing all of the tests and are not just copies of the example projects. So yes, you absolutely deserve the certification. You worked hard for it!

I will say that perfection is the enemy of progress. It is very easy to get stuck on making one project look better, and better, and better, and never moving on or expanding your learning. My recommendation would be to move forward with the JavaScript section - you can always revisit your projects later.


Thank you very much for your advice! I will move on and improve my old projects later with my new knowledge from other courses. By the way, happy lunar new year if you are celebrating it :smiley:

I mean who am I to judge if your sites are good looking. But it seems you simply build the sites with the purpose of passing test. Maybe if you would have, for example your product landing page, tried to build this page for a real store that’s in your neighborhood you would have come up with better ideas in terms of designing your page.

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Oh, yes, I will do that. Actually, I used to try to make my page good as the example pages, but it costs a huge amount of time :’( So I think I will slowly develop my sites and tests some new things on it. Thank you for your advice, and happy lunar new year!

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Yeah its actually hard to not recreate the specific designs that fcc is providing you and to come up with your own designs. Happy lunar new year to you to.

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