Just got my cert. but after reviewing some of your works on forum

just got my certificate but after reviewing some of you guys work I am quite unimpressed by myself. like ive learned everything and done everything by myself but you guys have took it to next level. this is my cert: https://www.freecodecamp.org/certification/josephsa/responsive-web-design
like the portfolio one is ok but others are meh. they did pass the test.
should I be worried about this or was it meant to just see wether we can do the challenges?
thank you


Don’t worry about what your projects look like. My first projects were boring and uninspired.

Those projects aren’t really good enough to get a job anyway. You are going to want to keep building bigger and more complicated apps anyway. Just keep learning and getting better. Even after you finish the FCC curriculum, you should keep building bigger and better projects. Those are the ones that will get you a job. When you get done, you can go back and touch up ones that you think would be good for your portfolio, but the RWD projects probably won’t be in there. For now you should just be focussed on learning more.

Now that you have RWD, learn some JS, some libraries, and the basics of backend - that will put you on the path to being employable and will give you what you need to make much more sophisticated apps.

And also realize that a lot of developers aren’t good at design - I’m a terrible designer. My designs are ugly. But that’s OK - I was hired as a developer and they have other people to make the designs.


Boy, can I relate to this. Creating good design is way above my talent level. But I’m really good at telling designers when their designs are bad :slight_smile:


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