Finished the final Web Design project and I lost confidence

Are these projects supposed to look this ugly? Like, making things pretty and sticking to the restrictions is really hard. And it’s supposed to be. But style isn’t something I necessarily have the time to understand right now. I’m happy half the time when things work the way they should.

It’s just that there comes a point when I’m working on a site and instead of beatiful, it looks like trash. And I start to question myself.

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I know how you feel. I’m currently on the JavaScript portion of the course and have finished the responsive web design projects with some of them not looking so great. The design aspect of developing pages is definitely as difficult, if not more so than the coding aspect.

I’ve viewed a lot of people’s projects on the forum and there’s a wide gap in terms of design skill. It’s normal for your pages to look a bit weird, especially considering that these are your first projects.

As long as you’re passing all the code pen tests and understand HTML and CSS, I wouldn’t worry too much about design. If you need to build your confidence, I’d recommend making a page on your own that you’re proud of before moving on to the next certifications.

I would not feel discouraged. I don’t know what your end goal is, but if down the road you will discover what you like better (front-end or backend). I wouldn’t expect your first project to look the best out there especially if you are just starting. Also everyone has their own pace of learning, some pick things up faster than others, the important thing is that you are learning everything and understanding everything even if it takes you days, when others get in in mins. I attended an actual in person coding bootcamp and I know that feeling, feeling that others are ahead of me, but you don’t know what they have gone through before fcc for all you know all the “nice looking” projects could be ppl taking fcc as a refresher like me.



Don’t worry about the look of you projects just yet.
Just make them out of your own imagination.
If they don’t come out the way you want it, just ask for help and advice. Nothing wrong with that.
When you are done, request feedback on them. Our community will help you improve your projects greatly.

Don’t get discouraged. Just keep on coding.

The point of doing these is to make sure that you functionally understand coding, and a little design. I don’t think that they were meant to be “pretty” because of the restrictions. You could always look at it as a challenge to make it as visually appealing as possible within the confines of the requirements. If you want another challenge to make it prettier, try adding in Bootstrap. Here is a good link to add Bootstrap CDN to your projects on FCC. I used the CDN for my projects.