A bit of a question on my progress

Hello everyone, as the title says I have a question regarding me and my progress so far. Note that English is not my primary language so forgive me for any mistake I’ve made in writing this topic.

I’m aiming to have a career as a back-end programmer although previously I have no any experience on coding at all, and thus found FCC and starts learning about coding. So far I have completed the Responsive Web Design certificate, have done all 5 projects challenges in there as well and saved the projects in my Codepen profile , and now currently learning about the basics of Javascript.

However when I browse through this forum I’ve found many people who did those first 5 projects with the quality difference as comparable to heaven and earth, compared to what I’ve made (in here : https://codepen.io/MikhaelT/), because I mostly only “mimicking” the project examples, compared to what other people have made.

My question is, is what I’m doing so far wrong? Should I go back and relearn everything again?

Don’t worry about comparing yourself to others. Focus on learning and making progress. People here are starting from lots of different backgrounds and spend different amounts of time on the projects.

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I see, thanks a lot for the reply!

Who said you’re doing anything wrong? You are free to customize, design and style any of your projects however you want! If your focus is to get into back-end programming I would think design isn’t something you need to focus on much anyway. If someone is here with the hope of going into web design, I would think they should spend a lot more time on the design than others.

If you aren’t happy with your projects and want something else, go for it. But if your intention is to learn how everything works, then it looks like you are doing well if you have passed all the tests with the responsive design projects! I would suggest, unless you really don’t like them, leave them for now and keep learning new material, then after you have learned a lot more you can come back and try the responsive projects again, using all the new tools available to you.

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Thanks for the reply! I’m worried so much because I thought by doing what I’ve done in that first 5 projects means I’m just not doing it enough, but you’re right that I can always redo them later if I want after I’ve learned more. Again, thanks a lot of your reply!