My Projects are Hideous and Look Nothing like the Examples

I’m really disappointed in my Responsive Web Design projects and I feel like I need to start all over again on all of them and I’m only just about to complete the last one. I can write the basic HTML and CSS to pass all tests, but my god they’re just abysmal and I’m just so bummed out, but now I’m confronted with a crossroad; go back and redo them all and spend god knows how long figuring out how to make them look serviceable or do I submit them as is and continue with my learning and then go back to them later?

I feel like an absolute fraud getting this certificate.

I would recommend you let us see one of them and then we can give our feedback. That may help you determine whether you should put more work into them.

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dont rush things, take your time working on the projects, exploring various techniques, or while learning the lessons(go back and redo them, when needed). You cant learn everything, you can only learn how to apply most things, but once in a while you need to refresh your memory, or come back later when you have better chance of understandign things. Dont regret on your time spent on the “bad” project solutions. Look at it as time spent learning and making mistakes, which means you are advancing. Taking a second round on the projects, now or later, is time well spent, as long as it lets you expand your coding abilities. Your progress does not ultimately estimate with how fast you go throught lessons and projects, but what you learn on the way. There are topics and challenges i came back and again to solve and recall and this dedication brought me a great deal.
One thing i can grant you for certain- blindly solving the projects only by matching the tests does not bring you anywhere and you are only fooling yourself if you stick to that road.

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I’m on my first project (Survey Form) and I feel the same way. For me, I think I’m missing a purpose for building the survey and drawing a blank because I’m trying not to copy the example. I wish they gave us a few ideas for themes.

I’m embarrassed to even be sharing these.

That is my major problem too. I’m just out of ideas for what to use for content so I either copy the example or use some arbitrary filler.

First of all, nothing to be embarrassed about here. You are at the very beginning of your journey so don’t expect anything close to perfection right now (and honestly, in this industry, there is no such thing as perfection).

It looks like your portfolio and product landing page are not passing all of the FCC tests, so you’ll definitely want to fix those before you submit. Also, I don’t see a tribute page in your portfolio. Did you forget about that one?

Of the four projects I would say the only one that you should definitely put more work into before submitting is the product landing page. I’m guessing you would agree with me that compared to the others it is not up to the same level of craftsmanship that you gave the others.

The name of this certification is “Responsive Web Design” so I think you should revisit each of your projects and make sure they are responsive. For example, narrow your browser window as skinny as it will go and make sure the content on the page adjusts appropriately so that you don’t have a horizontal scroll bar. Since this is a primary focus of the certificate I do think you should fix this particular issue for all of them before you submit.


I hadn’t made a codepen account when I did the tribute so I’ll definitely go back and redo the tribute. The product landing page was the last project I did that I was truly doing it solo so to speak and I agree I’ll go back and put more effort into that one. The others I have been heavily relying on inspector tool and combing the examples to get an idea of how to create something like it.

I hadn’t even really considered responsiveness. I guess I need to do more learning on that particular segment and revisit the projects when I have a better grasp of that.

Thank you for your help!

you can look for sources of inspiration in your own life and interests. For me, as im a gamer, for some of the projects i used game ides. For example for the random quotes generator(front end section) i used quotes from a game, providing the character which said it. For the survey form, i made a submit form for a game guild, asking a player for their prefered class to play, level and things innate to the game. Just look for things you do outside of programming and you should find project ideas.

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