A Question About the First Project

Hey all, new here, with a question concerning best practices for the projects on the platform. Basically, I finished the stories and tests for the first project in Responsive Web Design, but the outcome is ugly (expectedly, as I am new).

My question is basically as follows: Is my goal with these projects to simply get the stories and tests passed and then submit or make it as pretty as possible? Basically, is the goal to learn from it what I can and continue through the course (maybe to come back to it later after learning more) or to put 200% into it after passing the listed tasks?

I’m trying to establish best practices here, because I have the option to continue through the course, skipping the projects, and working on them when I finish the course and have all of the concurrent knowledge which I can then apply to them, or using what I learned in the “module” the project is connected to, doing a beginner’s job, learning from it quickly, and continuing through the course.

I haven’t hit submit on it yet though all tasks are passed because I haven’t been able to find much about the best practices here. Part of me imagines that if I go through the rest of the course, I can come back to it and make it look really professional, whereas now if I tried it would basically be endless Googling and staring at the screen (which is good learning too, but perhaps less effective?). I suppose I should state that I am also using a multitude of alternative resources, but freeCodeCamp is my core.

What do you guys think? Thank you in advance

Firstly, you can submit the projects and pass the tests and gain your certification, then improve on your projects and resubmit them later if you wish.

If you pass the minimum requirements and get the certification then you will certainly have learned the basic knowledge from the course.

However, you will learn far more by experimenting, trying out new ideas, improving on existing ones etc. You learn from doing more than anything else.

You could try thinking of particular design ideas and incorporating them. For instance, I incorporated a (very basic) parallax effect in my first RWD project.

Going above and beyond is always an admirable trait to have, if you’ll be seeking employment and want a portfolio to show off to prospective employers in the future.

That said, there is much to learn and it may be worth continuing on to the Javascript and other courses, to build on your coding knowledge. You can always continue to tinker with HTML/CSS projects as well.

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Okay thank you, this response is very informative. I will submit it and continue then, as my goal is actually to learn as much as possible, as quickly as possible, and then I will return to the projects to go above and beyond with my newfound skills. I was hoping that they wouldn’t be rejected or anything so long as all the tests were passed.

Thanks again.

As long as you pass all of the required tests, you will get your certification.

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