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Hello, I finally finished all of the web design projects and I would appreciate if anyone could give me some feedback before I claim the certification. They took me way too long because I really wanted to make them work correctly. I know the style may be a bit childish or even from the 90’s but I think that at least they ended up quite responsive considering I had never studied coding and I didn’t want them to look like a copy of the example. I would be embarrassed to show these projects to a potential employer because of the style, but maybe when I learn the other languages and ‘frameworks’ I can become confident enough to improve the projects and give them a more professional look.

At the beginning I thought I couldn’t make anything from scratch and had to look constantly at the lessons, but thanks to doing all the projects and changing them over and over again I learned so much that I think that now I could be able to make one without relying so much on reference. I learned from my mistakes albeit there is still much room for improvement.

I believe parts of my code are quite unorthodox… :slightly_frowning_face: I had trouble too with the indentation of the html files and the order of the css rules, I don’t know if there is a standardized way of writing them or something. I tried to be careful when overriding code because things kept breaking (that and the errors due to not properly closing tags). But if anyone knows how we’re supposed to write it, I’d appreciate suggestions or tips or about how to organise the css file. Uploading everything to GitHub (I’d never used it) was even more challenging than making the websites :joy: but I didn’t want to use CodePen because I read that it had some issues with the tests.

Sorry for the rambling. Here are my projects, all of them should pass the tests (at least in my browser they do) and are made only with html and css since I intend to take the courses in order, as I’ve said I’m new to coding. I did use gradients and images that I took from the internet for two of the projects, I’m not sure if that is allowed but in any case they were copyright-free:

  1. Tribute-Page

  2. Survey-Form

  3. Landing-Page

  4. Technical-Documentation

  5. Personal Portfolio Webpage

And here you can check the code if you want: My GitHub

Thanks in advance.

All your projects are awesome @Haizene :+1:

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