I have finished all my "Responsive Web Design" prjects - feedback welcomed

Those are all my projects for the responsive web design certificate:

  1. Tribute page: https://codepen.io/gelsodesigns/full/YvNyOj/
  2. Survey form: https://codepen.io/gelsodesigns/full/GGMyRr/
  3. Product page: https://codepen.io/gelsodesigns/full/wXyGMy/
  4. Documentation page: https://codepen.io/gelsodesigns/full/MXMWrx/
  5. Portfolio page: https://codepen.io/gelsodesigns/full/mKWeEq/

I would love to receive some feedback and suggestions on how to make it even better.



Really awesome. All of the projects look great, and the product page and portfolio page both look modern, professional, simple and elegant! I can tell you’ve made the most of the knowledge learnt here and gone the extra mile to create great finished products! Well done!

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Hi @codebarron thank you. Yes, I have really tried to make the best of this course which I felt tought me a lot. I am gload you like it =)

I liked each and every one equally! Great job and the design looks very good.
What are your favourite resources for design / CSS tips?

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Hi, @WheySkills thank you so much for your feedback =)

Hmm, that’s a good question I tend to look on various sites but the ones I use the most for design inspiration are Pinterest and Instagram.

Also for CSS tips, I like https://css-tricks.com and https://stackoverflow.com.

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They all look very elegant, excellent job!

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@IkerSS Thank you =)

Extremely well done! I’m very impressed with the design and code! I think your a natural with great design sense.

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@bkglass thank you so much for your feedback. I happy you like it =)