I finished my Responsive Web Design cert! Critique my projects?

Hey all, I just finished my Responsive Web Design Certification and I’m looking for critique on my projects I completed for it. I will link my portfolio page and then my other projects for the section will be on that page for you to view. The only one that is not going to be on there is the tribute page only because now that I have learned a lot more by finishing the others, i’d like to re-visit that one before posting for feedback. I’ll take any feedback you all have good or bad, whether that is design thoughts for the future, how to simplify my code, or just anything that can help me improve with my future projects. I am still fairly new to all this, I did part of FCC’s old curriculum but life got busy and I fell off. I started back over from the beginning and used some of my old knowledge as well. Thanks!


Hey, congrats for finishing I’m working on mine too. The first think I noticed is that the first page is taking the entire viewport on a 16:9 screen without any indication that some further content is waiting down below. I suggest you to pull up some of the content below with the intent of not breaking the continuity of the page or to add something at the bottom of the first viewport informing of the presence of your projects further below.

Sorry, I am failing to understand what you mean. You can not see anything else but the first section? Or the first section is too big and you are suggesting to shrink it down? @MatteoCarotta