Personal Portfolio and Responsive Web Design Project Feedback

Hello fellow campers,
My name’s Rashad Farrakhan and I have recently decided to teach myself coding in the hopes of being a programmer one day. I have no experience with coding but hope FCC we’ll be the foundation I need to start a successful career! So the purpose of this post is two-fold:
1.) I have just finished the Responsive Web Design section, but my certificate hasn’t been awarded to my profile. Does it matter if I have the certificate if all the projects are done?
2.) Also I would love feedback on my completed projects so far. They are very rough and I plan to redo them many times as I learn all the new things this wonderful site has to offer. I also know my projects aren’t too responsive, but I figured I don’t need to spend time on that until they are in their final form.

The link above leads to my first draft of my personal portfolio. It includes all the projects in the Responsive Web Design

Thanks for you time everyone!

P.S. I have found out how to claim my certificate.

Welcome to the world of coding!

Here are my critiques/suggestions:
(NOTE - The feedback I’m providing does not follow the FCC project requirements guidelines.)

  • Consider using icons for your contact links (the circles) or just a simple text label or both! Lots of ways to approach this. I would shrink the size of the circles though.
  • I’m sure you know this already, but try to get those screenshots in for your portfolio entries on the homepage so it looks more consistent. :slight_smile:
  • Nice job with the hero section! (the welcome part where you introduced yourself).
  • Consider a different approach to your color scheme.
  • Your projects section. Notice how the intro section and the contact links section, you have your content vertically centered (top and bottom have even spacing). Try to do the same for the portfolio section too.
  • As a nice UX touch, consider looking into adding a “smooth scrolling” effect when users click on your navigation links. This works for your case since you are doing a 1 page site. If your site ever gets longer in height from more content, you can even consider adding a “back to top” of the page button.
  • Don’t forget to add a to the very bottom for that Copyright message.

That’s pretty much it from me. Also, I viewed it using a 1080p display on a laptop to review your site on a Chrome browser.

Good luck!

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