How to practice what I learn here?

I’m learning on freecodecamp from past 1 week and I feel like I’m forgetting what I learned few days ago…How should I practice or how should I go about it to master the concepts? something like whatever I learned today…I can practice somewhere with like challenges or projects ?

You could keep a notebook where you write down everything you feel you might forget (which for me is everything, :sweat_smile:). Jotting down points, important or confusing code snippets, keywords etc could make them easier to remember later, the writing could be tedious at first but you’ll get used to it in time.
Spaced repetition is key to good recollection, so reread whatever you write down from time to time. and feel free to revisit the lessons and even redo the challenges.

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once you have finished the first section you can start building the projects, you would not be able to do all the requirements but you can start building the barebones of it

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I have always experienced this as a problem myself. There is so very much to remember. You can look up everything but only when you have mastered all the terminology you need to ask relevant questions. So, it is a good idea to take notes, make an overview of all the new words and what they mean. It is a lot of work but it has helped me in the past ON THE CONDITION that you also use all these words (in the projects for example). At some point in time you won’t need those notes anymore, you’ll have internalized all you need to find information.

Javascript is different. It is harder to takes notes and use examples but still I would take notes of the new structures and terminology.
More than a year ago I did all the React JS exercises in the curriculum and made a project. Then I started on something different. I have forgotten everything and even notes don’t help me. I simply have to go over the whole thing all over again. I will master everything more quickly than the first time but still…

So, learn, take notes, apply. You might put all your notes in an html document and style it with css. Don’t worry too much over the details in your notes (which is what I always do, but it’s endless and takes up too much time). Find a balance :slight_smile: .


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Thank you all. I’ll start taking notes right away :slight_smile:

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