Newbie here, looking for inspiration

Hi all,

I’m a French newbie in code, trying to learn as much as I can on front dev, working as Marketing manager, I want to get a good working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS, in the next year or so, and maybe a bit of JS frameworks later on :slight_smile:

I like the FFC approach, but was thinking, do you guys have any ideas on what kind of projects I can tackle to put in practice what i’ve learned? I’m thinking about setting up a portfolio website (basic stuff I guess ahah), but maybe you guys here have some fun and moderately challenging ideas for me, or simple things that you think I should start to code in order to practice !

Thanks in advance, I hope i’ll be able to code some stuff soon ^^

If you’re following the freeCodeCamp curriculum, you will build several projects along the way. If you look at /learn, you can expand the different “Certification” sections to see the projects for that section.

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Hi @LeMarmiton welcome to the forums!

The freeCodeCamp projects cover a lot of the basics, but there is nothing stopping you from taking them “to the next level” or refactoring them with more advanced stuff you learn later. Take the Portfolio project, you build near the beginning. You can later take that project and build it with React for example.

Other “famous” projects would be something like the todo app, which sounds boring, but will teach you a lot of the major knowledge you’d want to learn for a given technology/stack.

I’d generally just recommend doing something that seems interesting, or exciting. Doing projects is one thing, doing interesting projects is what will keep you working on it.

Good luck, keep learning and keep building!


I want to highlight this, because I think it is important:
I would try to finish every single project, instead of jumping around if it’s not fun anymore. Doesn’t mean to do project you hate, only to fight through the hard times. This will be an important skill to have, because somewhere you will get stuck.

And I would also try to get as much feedback as possible, e.g. here on FCC in the feedback section.

Have fun!

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