Moving Beyond Fundamentals

Hello fellow Campers,

It has been roughly 6 months since I started the FFC challenges. Currently, I have completed all challenges up to Objected Oriented.

At this stage, I feel the need to move on to projects and more intermediate concepts. I still plan on continuting the FFC challenges as there is still a ton to learn, however I would like to supplement my learning with building projects.

First off, am I ready to start building projects?

What are some good resources out there for basic web dev projects?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

If you progress further through the freeCodeCamp curriculum you will hit a bunch of projects.

You can use the map to skip ahead and start them.

You can start projects whenever! You learn by doing :slight_smile:

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Working on projects is my favorite way to learn. Choose something you’re excited to work on, and it will take your learning in directions you might not have gone on your own. No reason you can’t start right now!

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