Just starting out, any tips or things to avoid?

Hi Guys,

Title says all. I am just starting out and learning to code. Is there anything I should know or anything I should avoid? How can I get the most out of using freecodecamp? I have seen people say to strictly code in your own editor, is there anything you’d recommend? When learning did you take notes or anything along those lines?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hey @DicksonSpencer,
I am of opinion that FCC is way too good on its own and if you go through it, you will be guided in the best direction. Just go through the curriculum and use READ-SEARCH-ASK methodology when you are stuck.
You can learn from these resources as well:

The best place to ask for help is right here on forum.
Just don’t get overwhelmed.
If you ask for help, there will be people more that willing to help you.
All the best on your journey.


Cool thank you! I appreciate the help

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as far as i know, codecademy has nice courses. when i had to learn html, this site really helped me

Hi @DicksonSpencer!

It depends how you learn the most usually. Is it by reading tutorials? Watching videos? What I suggest is that you try out multiple things and see what works best for you.

Now here are some many resources for your coding journey:

  • freeCodeCamp of course, you have the ability to learn and to practice right away and the curriculum is nice.
  • Udemy, you can find (paid courses for the most part) great courses on it.
  • Udacity, they have paid nanodegrees but some good free courses.
  • Medium, they don’t have courses, but you will often find some great tutorials on it, espcially on https://medium.freecodecamp.org/
  • CSS tricks for all things related to CSS

And the list goes on.

One thing that I suggest is to escape tutorial purgatory and to build apps. It will be more tough for you but you will definitely learn a lot more than watching/reading dozens of courses/tutorials.

Also, another great way to learn is to teach what you’ve just learnt. Find a “programming buddy” and learn together.

Hope it helps!