I'm New to coding and programing and need some suggestions

I need help to get started with web design.

So far I only know very little of HTML, I'm very motivated and welling to do whatever it takes to learn (HTML,CSS,JS) where to start?

some friends of mine suggested that I start with Web development, but I have no experience at all in this. I quit my Job 4 month ago as a mechanical engineer

If you could recommend me the tools to use, Would be much appreciated.

Thanks much

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i would say just follow the freecodecamp curriculum to get started with web development and watch some youtube tutorials you can also learn from udemy courses good luck :slight_smile: i just finished my html and css chapter from freecodecamp

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First of all welcome and good luck!

Download any text editor that your friends recommend (Iā€™m using Sublime text editor)

Make a good coffe :coffee: and just follow the FCC curriculum :man_technologist:

I recommend to start with the Responsive Web Design Certification.

And you always can get help here in FCC forum.

Good luck buddy!

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