Can someone help me

I’m in my senior year of high school and I want to learn more about coding so when I go to college I’ll be ready and be more experience with the work . Maybe it can help me in my portfolio

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This forum is part of the freeCodeCamp community. If you haven’t checked out, I recommend it as an excellent place to start.


Hi Mmdz7,
I have been learning from freecodcamp for the last 2weeks and it is fun mainly because they seem to give you projects or code puzzles instead of tutorials. When I get stuck I usually visit They have bare-bones examples and simple explanations for code snippets.

One other thing is, try to notice if you are having fun and getting a charge out of solving the tasks. It is the small code solving victories are why I am teaching myself code. Lol, some times I yell " YEEES", or I take a victory lap around the kitchen.

Have fun while you are learning for college, you will learn more and want to learn more, Good Luck!