Help out this coding Newbie!

Hello everyone ! I am 20 yrs old and new to coding and was wondering where to get started. Would really appreciate the help !

Hello and welcome to the forum! Here the curriculum is focused on web development , and if thats something you want to see if you are interested in you can go here and look at the curriculum

I suggest starting with the first one which is the web design, and see how you like it. Some things to keep in mind, this can be difficult as you get further into the challenges. Thats why we have the forum, you can ask any questions you have. Challenges will have a help button that will generate a post for you that includes the code you have. All you need to do is explain what issues you are having, what you tried to fix it. There are a ton of people on here with the knowledge to help you out, and responses are usually pretty fast

As you get started try to keep going. Like I said it does get difficult, but it helps if you do this stuff every day even if its for a little bit. It becomes harder if you step away for a long time and try to come back to it. Just dont give up! And you can do it

Common questions for people just starting out is they ask if its a problem that they can’t remember everything when they work through the challenges. Its impossible to memorize and remember all of this so dont think you have to. Professional developers have to google all the time for stuff that they dont remember. The more you practice and work with this stuff then the less questions you will have to ask. Plus the more you will remember ask you work through the project.

I know I said this a lot, but its important because it happens to many newcomers. Don’t stress, if you are having problems the most important thing you can do is ask questions. Don’t try to be a hero and spend hours on something. If you get stuck on an issue and have really tried to figure it out then ask questions. Dont feel bad about asking, when I first started out I probably asked 100 questions.

Also checkout posts under You Can Do This! - The freeCodeCamp Forum, there are loads of inspirational and educational stories to read and learn.

All the very best with your coding journey

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Thank you so much for all these amazing tips ! Makes me more confident and excited to start my coding journey and see where it gets me. Really grateful for the tips, I will make sure to use all of them haha. Love to see how helpful this community is !

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