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Hello people
How and where I need to start programming? My exp on programming is 0. And I dont understand this Website… Thank you

Hello and welcome to the forum! You can get started by going through the curriculum here. Its advised that you start the top and work your way down. If you ever need any help with the challenges there will be a ask for help button or a question mark that appears in the challenge after you attempt it three times. When you click this button it will generate a post for you on the forum with a link to the challenge, and all your code. This way, those looking through the forum can see your post and have all the information to help you.

I will offer some advice here, as coding is not easy and everyone gets frustrated with it at some point or another. Just whatever you do, do not stop. It is ok to take a break and step away for a day or two but you need to be real committed because it get harder if you take several weeks off, and you try to come back to it.

Second, always ask questions. If you are working on a challenge, and you are still after an hour then you need to ask a question here on the forum. There is nothing to be gained from wasting several hours on an issue you have, and getting frustrated. That’s why the forum here exists to help those who are having challenges. There are a lot of active members who volunteer their time to answering questions, and helping out newcomers like yourself, and the responses are usually pretty fast.

Thirdly, and I think this jut as big as the second one. Do not think you can memorize all of this stuff. Its not possible, there is just way too much here for anyone to memorize, and anyone who says they can is a liar. When I am working I have to look up documentation all the time to remind myself of stuff, or just to look up new things on how I can complete my task. The best way for you to get more familiar with this after you work your way through the challenges is to work on projects. When you are actually putting these skills to use then the more they will stick with you, and when that happens it means the less questions you will have to ask, and the less you will have to look things up. But you will still have to look things up, thats just programming lol.

These are the best tips I can give you as you are just starting out. I gave the curriculum link earlier in this long winded post lol. Be sure to check it out and get started on your journey! Any questions just ask here and we will help you the best we can. You have a positive and committed attitude so I think you will do great here

Once again welcome to the forum and happy coding! :smiley:

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OK, thank you for now

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