How do i start coding here?

Please everybody, I need your helps, I’m new here and i don’t know how to start this coding stuff here. so i would be happy if you guys can help me out.

Hello Kewe,

I hope you are excited to learn to code! We are happy to have you.

This link should take you to the lessons that you can start. You may have to make a separate account for the lessons.

1- start from here
2- check free code camp channel on youtube and check the lesson example :
if u stared to learning html search on the channel for html lesson after u watching all lesson start to do exam in code
3- good luck :heart:

Wow, Lucassorenson, i’m so happy to have you here too! thanks, for your reply but the problem now is that i don’t know where to start coding in this site. I would appreciate if you can help me out, thanks!

Thanks, I start coding through the link you sent to me, it’s really nice to meet you. I just started coding and it’s very frustrating. But i have to keep my head up and keep going! i’m a self thought. i do not have any teacher. i’m so thankful you helped me out.

This forum is public on the internet, I am removing the post with your personal contact