Where to start?

Hello guys, I am a 24 years old guy, from Romania, that want to dive in the coding universe. I tried to find helpful online tips but there are a lot of opinions that got me confused.
Can someone give me some beginner tips , where to start , on what to focus and everything else , that will be much appreciated ! Thank you in advanced !


If you came to the forum without knowing about the freeCodeCamp main site (it happens) check this out first:

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Yes, the choices are overwhelming. And the training will be overwhelming. I think you just need to dive in and get started. It’s like being dropped off on some tropical island where you only know 10 words of the language. At first everything is going to be confusing and frustrating. But gradually things will make more sense. But there is no easy path. You just gotta do it.

Thank you, will start from there!

I am not looking for easy paths ! :smile:

Well, if you are not looking for easy paths, then this is the right occupation. :wink:

JacksonBates, Thanks for nice sharing,

Also, check out The Odin Project for the real-world nitty gritty things like setting up a local development environment on your computer, understanding how to use development tools in your Internet browser, learning how to use a version control system like GitHub, etc. :mage:

I wrote about my experience using FreeCodeCamp together with The Odin Project here.


Here are some coding tips I can give you.

I concluded all these during a few months of learning.