I'm confused.Please help

Hey I have zero knowledge of programming.
I’m confused which language I should learn at first.
Please help me.

what you want to do?

if you are interested in web development, the freecodecamp curriculum teaches HTML/CSS and JavaScript


Thank you so much.
Do they teach Python programming language?

freecodecamp doesn’t have a python course, but if you need help there is a #python subforum you can use to ask your questions (and there are also various threads with sources you can use to learn from)

I can’t understand this brother

the freecodecamp curriculum is not compatible with a mobile device, it is recommended you use a desktop device

Anyway, when you ask for help for a challenge, you need to provide your code and the challenge link, otherwise people don’t know how to help you
if you use the “Ask for Help” button it creates a precompiled post that already include those things

Oh i see.
Anyway Thanks for your kind information

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