Fourteen year old boy

im a fourteen year old boy i love the term coding and infact i want to specialize in this but i would need help and please i want to hear from you guys if i would get help and also advice me
please state some possible careers as well

you are asking a really generic question…

you can start learning web development at , if you get stuck you can ask on the forum for help

you can check the #career subforum to see some example of possible careers

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thanks but im a complete beginner

you can start learning at

you can learn even more on the fcc youtube channel, reading articles at, listening to the freecodecamp podcast…

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thanks for your info

if you find that the freecodecamp curriculum is not for you, or you need help on some challenge, you can come on the forum and ask for help

It would surely help you in future. You can start with HTML. I am sure many of us here are complete beginners. I myself didn’t know anything about coding but now I am liking it.
And remember one thing learning never goes in vain.

Thanks but which of this is difficult
And which should i start with

Prince Akakpo

two completely different things, HTML is a markup language, if you are even remotely interested in web development is where you should start. Python is a programming language, it’s really versatile, and can do a lot of stuff. Some says it is the best first language, others that the best first language is JavaScript (see the linked article at the bottom).

If you follow the freecodecamp curriculum it will start with HTML and CSS; then move to JavaScript, to some frameworks, some stuff for backend (server side web development), and then to Python. You can follow it linearly.

You can look at this if it maybe can convince you to start with JavaScript

Html is a markup language, its easy and all the curriculum start from html only. Python comes later. But you can try learning both, its completely fine. Its nothing difficult or easy, depends on your learning interest.

thanks i will follow the FCC

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