Hello Everyone! New to everything - looking for some advice

Hi there!

I was thinking about changing my career path from NONE to programming but… I don’t know where and how to start.

Python or HTML & CSS?

What do I have to know before I can find junior job? My goal is to get one in maximum 2 years. ( 3 hours a day/ 4 days a week + extra time on weekends)


Well it depends on what you want to do, but if you have zero experience with tech then go straight to web development.

If this is the route you want then I will use different resources like freeCodeCamp or the Odin Project. There are also lots of resources and courses in YouTube.

Based on the availability of your schedule and your intuition with the technology, it should not take more than 6 months to a year to finish one of the tracks in freeCodeCamp.

While learning the technology, you should try to do at least three hard projects that can be marketable or is able to show strength in the technologies that you learn.

Just before finishing the certificate, you should start applying for as many jobs as you can. I would recommend to not be scared of the years of experience needed because companies could still give you a job offer.

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data science or web development?

if you want to just start to learn some coding pick a language (usually JavaScript or Python can be a good start - but if you want to do web development choose JavaScript)

you could also start with the Computer Science Harvard course for a crash course in various topics and languages

many possible paths.
what do you want to accomplish?

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From what my friend told me I should start with HTML, CSS & Java, find job as front end and in spare time start learning PHP or Python.
Is that right?
I’m not sure what I want to accomplish ,tbh I just need fresh start and something to do after work (sort of looking for a new hobby that might become job later.

JavaScript is for web developmet
Java is something else entirely

if you want to just start with something, without knowing what, my suggestions stay the same:

Thank you everyone for answering my stupid begginer questions.
I will now start with CS50 and see if this is something I want to do. :smile: