Hello everyone. Beginner question here

Good day everyone. Please I am new to coding and looking forward to land my first job in software field. I dropped out from college so that i can study computer science as that is the course of my choice and i like coding. I want to know where to start from, some on youtube say Python while some say javascript for beginners. I dont really have an idea on what i like doing best, either web designing, app development, etc. Is there a starting point for some one like me while i figure out what i prefer doing?

Just do the freecodecamp courses and go from there. I would also suggest to look at the YouTube channel and devops. Finally, look at learn to code RPG in your spare time.

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There are free courses online like CS50X (which is Harvard’s introductory computer science course) but some people struggle with it if they have no coding experience at all. There is also a free introduction to technology basically for people who are not tech-savvy (CS50's Understanding Technology)

If you have zero experience you can start at freecodecamp.org/learn and you can learn HTML/CSS (the language of websites).

There is also a CS50P for new coders learning python.

Computer Science is not programming. (Learning to code is just one part of it) So if you want to pursue CS you may want to look around at local colleges as well to see if you qualify for their programs (you said you just dropped out but maybe you qualify for CS somewhere else).

These are some options to help you get started (don’t do all of them at once obviously).

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Thank you for the tips. Also what i meant by dropped out of college is I was studying something in the medical field but that was my parents decision but i later convinced them after 3 years that i was into computer science so i left college to pursue computer science

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