I'm new to coding!

Hello, i am a total rookie and was wondering where the best place to start would be? I have never done any coding before I am interested in learning python.

Also i signed up to the youtube channel as a supporter. can i link this to my code camp profile?

Hi, Welcome to the community. First of all, I appreciate you taking the first step.

Let’s jump right into your question.

It is always good to start at what you are interested in, but as this forum stated about career advice, I believe there will be much more to why you learn Python.
Maybe this question will help you to align curiosity and purpose.

  1. Have you ever taken another course that is related to coding?
  2. Are you currently learning computer science or want to explore more?
  3. Do you have any goals for learning Python, or is it just for “fun”?
  4. Are you looking to switch careers, get your foot wet in software engineering, or anything else in your mind?

Where the best is a relative question, and there will be many opinions.

  1. So you can try to ask what you are trying to achieve when learning Python.
  2. What if I choose to buy premium courses and subscriptions, but I don’t like it

As your introduction said that you are a total rookie, I can suggest CS50 for a start. Just skim through the courses, and you don’t need their fancy certification.
The course gives you a broad overview of several languages.

I suggest starting with free resources first. If you are curious, you will always keep looking and searching. I spent a year finding out what I needed to do to switch careers; yes, it took a long time.

Back then, I have no guidance and community. So starting with a community is already a big step ahead.

I used to be interested in learning Python start, but I realize my goals differ. I wanted to switch careers, and Python is not right now. So instead, I pushed myself further into the unknown; I stepped back and took another path that would suit my career changes.

You are never too late. You are just early in the process

I don’t know, the best place to ask if it’s possible is at donors@freecodecamp.org

Thank you for your reply. To answer your questions:
I am looking to change my career.
I have been working at Apple on a retail level for the past year, and I am becoming increasingly interested in the software behind the devices.
I am also curious about the developments in the web3 space and blockchain technology.
I have not been exposed to any computer science or taken any coding courses however I am enrolled at a local university and looking to perhaps learn at that level. That being said I have a friend who has learnt to code through her own recognisance using free code camp and suggested I do the same.
I had settled on Python as it seems an easy starting point for most new people.

Cool, now we are at least on the same page based on switching careers.

Starting to learn as a software engineer seems doable, but staying consistent will be much more complicated. I am a person who is weak at problem-solving skills and logic problems, and I acknowledge it. So I believe it will take longer to land a software engineer role, and I am okay with it.

But you are ahead of the game if you are capable in both areas.

To feed your curiosity, you can consume all the free resources available online, such as freecodecamp. It has a range of videos from Web3, making games with Python, and almost anything you can think of.

Set aside a timeline on how long you are doing it. Track your progress and decide in which area you are most interested.
I first chose Python because most people on YT especially told me it was easy to learn and start. But I pivot due to I see no career direction for me. I needed to land a job much faster, so I took the Front-End path and learned HTML and CSS JavaScript, which suit my current situation.

I don’t know much about you and don’t want to assume. If you think your career is lined out with Python, go for it. If it isn’t, change your path. Easy. Things you learn are never wasted.

Freecodecamp is an excellent way to start getting your foot wet or getting a job. But of course, you always need supplements from any resources and can’t rely solely on FCC.

I am sharing my POV as a career changer, too, and my background is also in retail which is Food and Beverages. Always take advice with a grain of salt.

If you are from the US, you have many more opportunities, such as free Bootcamp, that will help you if you are considered underrepresented, LGBTQIA+, or similar. I’ve come across several websites that provide it. Bootcamp is also an option. So pick your path.

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