Hi i am new to coding i dont kno wanything about coding but want to learn it badly can anyone help me how to start to programming

help me how to start coding im 14 very intrested in coding pls help me which languages should i learn

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For beginners who loves life:

For beginners who wants to make games:

For beginners who loves math:

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Hi @jeromeallwin2007 !

Welcome to the forum!

@damienfahey has provided you with some great links.

I would like to expand a little further on those links.

The first link is to the freeCodeCamp curriculum.
There are a total of 10 certifications right now focusing on web development and python.

The first 6 focus on Full stack javascript.
Specifically the MERN stack(MongoDB, Express, React, Node)

You will learn the basic concepts for web development and build projects along the way.

The other four focus on python.
You will also build projects along the way.

The second link focuses more on python.
There are plenty of great courses on coursera and edx .

The last link focuses more on computer science.
Another great introduction into computer science would be CS50

My advice would be to start with freeCodeCamp and take your time moving through the certifications and building projects.

Then you can explore the other options provided for you.

Just spend the next few years learning and building.
Then when you are an adult, you can worry about your career and next steps as a working developer.

Hope that helps!

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I love freecodecamp as well. This is the right path to take, since you will understand everything as a developer.

At your age, you will be ahead, even for some professionals if you will take Freecodecamp.

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