How to use freecodecamp for beginner

I am currently in highschool and just started coding by following the freecodecamp challenges. I have a question for how I continue my coding journey. Do I just keep following the freecodecamp courses until I am all the way at the interview questions, or do I have to branch out to learn more. I know there are many aspects of coding and a whole bunch of languages to learn, but I am confused about the path that I have to take in order to succeed in computer science/programming.

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Hi @edisonnchiu !

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The first six certifications cover full stack or MERN(MongoDB, Express, React, Node) stack development.
The rest are python courses.

You can choose to do as little or as much as you want.

If you are interested in becoming a developer then the best way to learn is build a lot of projects.

In addition to doing the courses, I would build side projects.
It will help reinforce the concepts.

Also, you might be interested in taking an introduction to computer science class.

CS50 is a good choice.

As you learn, you will want to use other sources when appropriate.

Hope that helps!


Thank you I joined the CS50 course and am trying to watch the lectures.

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