First Day here what order do I do the lessons to be a full stack programmer?

Do I start at the first lesson then keep going? I have never programmed before.

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HI @Ezra68 !
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The first six certifications will teach full stack JavaScript.

More specifically the MERN(MongoDB, Express, React, Node) stack.

The first certification covers HTML and CSS.
All of the lessons will teach you the basics and then the real test are the projects.

There are 5 projects at the end of each course
Here are the HTML and CSS projects

Once you pass all of the tests and build the projects then you can claim the certificate and move onto the next course.

Start from the beginning and go through the first six certifications.

Hope that helps!

You’re welcome to jump around if your interests or learning style make it work better for you, but the freeCodeCamp curriculum is designed to be done in order. It builds on itself progressively, so my default advice is to start at the beginning and keep going forward.

You will often hit points where you don’t understand an exercise, or you feel like you’re missing some information, or you just get stuck. No single resource can be everything for everyone, so in addition to building skills writing code you’ll also build skills in research, reading documentation, and asking good questions to your peers here on the forum.

Welcome to our community, and happy coding!

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