Where to start in curriculum

Hi, there coders. I’m new here just a quick question. Do I start at responsive web design which is the first one and work my way trough all of them or do I pick one and that would be the direction I take?

I’m not sure what you mean by “direction”. The first 6 certs are leading you in a direction - as a MERN stack web developer.

Do they have to be done in that order? Yes and no. Some of them might be switchable, like the first two. But after the second one, but the ones after that build on the first two so you kind of have to do them first. You might be able to mix a little after that, but it gets tricky - unless you have some prior experience. I would just do them in order - it makes it easier and is structured that way.

Just do the first 6, in that order. That sets you up with a good foundation for a MERN stack, a marketable skill. It may not be enough to get a job, but it gives you the knowledge you need to start building projects that can get you noticed.

The next 4 after that are Python based and are good to know. It’s a different thing, but it is good information and will look good on a resume.

The last one has some good JS algorithm and DS stuff. I might do that before I do the Python stuff - it’s a lot of good stuff for a JS dev and to get ready for interviews.

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