Freecodecamp curriculum

Hello coders!
I am new to this forum and generally to coding and I need your help.
I found this awesome and free website called freecodecamp and I want to learn web development.
My question is: Do I have to complete all of the certifications to learn web development or some of them are not needed and are for another topic?
Thank you in advance.

The first 6 certs are oriented to web development, mostly to a MERN stack. If you want be a web developer, you have to learn this information or something like it (as in some other tech stack).

There are certs after that in Python. That is not part of the MERN stack so are not directly applicable to that. It’s good stuff to know, though. If you want to get into Data Science or stuff like that or any stack involving Python, then that would be important.


Thank you so much! I will definately do the full curriculum!

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It’s pretty common that as people get to more advanced topics, their personal path might diverge more from the freeCodeCamp curriculum. Often once you know enough to really get the ball rolling on a project that you’re excited about, you switch your learning style to seeking out the specific information that you need. That’s all good and normal, so if that happens to you, don’t worry about the final certificates so much as the knowledge that they represent.

The last sections of the curriculum are not entirely, or completly related to web design, but all the rest you should definitely follow and you also want to use additional sources as there might be some topics which are not entirely covered in FCC, but overall the service can serve you a great deal.

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