What advice would you give to a beginner in coding? What language should I learn after HTML and CSS?

What is the best advice would you give me as a beginner? I’ve completed my first freecodecamp projects but I need to improve.

We have a curriculum. I recommend you follow it. The first six certs will give the foundations off a MERN stack, a marketable skill. The next few certs deal with Python. It’s not really applicable to the MERN stack, but is useful stuff so and looks good on a resume. The last cert will help with a lot of data structures and algorithms - they are good stuff to know and can come up on interviews.

I guess to answer your question more directly: JavaScript.

Really, for front end web dev, there are only three languages: HTML, CSS, and JS. Everything else is a library or framework or pre-post-processor that supports those. We focus on the React, which is the “R” in MERN.

Then there is the backend, the server. There are many languages choices there. FCC teaches Node (which is really JS, that you’ve already learned, express, and Mongo. Those make up the MEN of MERN. With that, you have a complete full stack and can build full stack apps.


Just to be clear, React is JavaScript, it’s just a useful library that combines JS and HTML and makes it easier to modularize and scale projects. But it’s rooted in JS.


Thank you very much I really appreciate your response to my post.

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