Hi need advice as a begginer in programming

Hi everyone, I’m Anthony , 23 years old. I took C++ in highschool and absolutely loved it I took it for 3 years and got an A every year. I’m trying to figure out tho what would be the best place to start coding to become talented at it, and what rescources would everyone recommend, please don’t use abbreviations it will confuse me, and which language would be best to learn, I know a good bit of c++ and I’m thinking python or JavaScript and I’m wondering to what extent will the course on here teach me? What language am I learning and how in depth does it go?

Also where can I get programming softwares? Thanks

Thanks!!! Anthony :slight_smile:

Certain websites?
How did you learn?
Anything will help!


No one? Has any help at all?

HI Madsketch, I’m about to go to bed so I won’t write much here.
Firstly welcome to FCC. I recommend you follow the curriculum, starting with the front-end stuff. You will learn the basics of HTML5 and CSS3, the 2 main languages of the web. They are not programming languages but they are the basic building blocks of webpages. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup language. It is the basic structure of a web page called the DOM (document Object Model). Start there if you want to learn web development. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. This is used to style web pages as HTML alone does not give you any styling on its own. Once you get the basics of these two you can move on to JavaScript, which IS a programming language and is the defacto programming language on the web (front-end anyway). This forum is very friendly and helpful but be patient and don’t always expect answers right away. Your question is in fact several questions which require elaborate answers. Perhaps others will point you in the right direction.
Good night and good luck!


The JavaScript course here is huge and enough for you to master basics of programming. Also the projects here are excellent. You could also try Codecademy, Codeschool for further knowledge.


It all depends on what you want to do. What are your goals?
FCC is primarily about web design and development. Is that what you want to learn now?
You say you have had 3 years of C++ - was that all in high school?
You can find courses in C++ online at places like Udemy; most include small projects to get you started.

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By curriculum, @Soupedenuit means https://freecodecamp.org.

You haven’t stated what you want to learn programming for.

FreeCodeCamp primarily focuses on web development with a heavy JavaScript bias. Working through the curriculum and asking questions on this forum when you get stuck will get you started, but there is plenty of supplementary material you’ll need once you get deep into it, as freeCodeCamp just scratches the surface contentwise, but gives you some excellent projects to cut your teeth on.

Once you start to feel the need for more resources, feel free to ask of search the forum, but here is no point burdening yourself with them yet - just start coding your way through the course :slight_smile:

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I was afraid I couldn’t post because I was a new user haha sorry I got kinda impatient I was worried, I want to be able to maybe build websites… maybe create software or apps I don’t know really I wanted to know what like the programs that went with what. I’m confused in that,

And yeah I did 3 years of C++ in highschool. Was extremely easy. But seemed too basic… or maybe I just got it. I genuinely understand coding, I just want to get much deeper into it, but i guess if the course will point me in the direction of JavaScript I’ll give it a go, I just wanted to know what programming languages nessecairly did what. I know C++ makes like applications and goofy stuff and games and that it’s pretty basic coding wise

Thank you that helps

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Ok sounds good to me, i just wanna make sure JavaScript is what I want to do, I’m not sure if I wanna make applications, or like programs, or what all I even can do with coding, I don’t know what I have a thing my fingertips and I dont know whats useful for what, but I guess I’ll figure it out

Do u guys know anything about python?

Also I don’t know what JavaScript is capable of.

It can be used for pretty much everything.

A python curriculum is in the works but there’s no estimate as to when it will be complete. It could be years before it’s ready.

Python is a nice beginner language which is also powerful enough to build some cool stuff with - this is true of JavaScript, too.

Your best bet is to just start learning (I’d recommend javascript) and you’ll pick up enough fundamentals that transferring to another language will be easier once you have a better idea of what you want to do with it.

Essentially, coding is popping up in some form or other in just about every industry, so once you have a little more experience, seeing how it can apply to something else you already do or care about becomes quite trivial.

Can you make phone apps with JavaScript??


The learning curve is steep starting from nothing, but there is a JavaScript framework called React Native which allows you to write apps for both the Android and Apple app stores. The beauty of this is that you don’t need to learn the separate languages traditionally used for Android and iOS development - it’s all just JavaScript with React Native.

But like I said, the learning curve is steep. Get the basics of JavaScript, HTML and CSS down first.

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etc etc, Google is your friend, as @JacksonBates says, the learning curve is high: the frameworks are designed to allow people who already know JavaScript to use the language to write native apps

Thanks fellas, I’ll get these basics down n then I’ll come to y’all for some more help shouldn’t be too long lol is there a way to backtrack in the course or like restart it? Also do you know what program I could use to make an app using C++ language? Cuz I can prolly do that…
I just need a good program to do so and maybe a few book recommendations and such or videos

Move around the map as much as you need to review what you’ve covered or skip ahead to other parts that interest you.


  • Keep a daily programming schedule.
  • Don’t procrastonate (Trust me, I once did that and it made me fall)
  • Don’t look at people below you, look at people above you, and try to get to them.
  • Don’t plan ahead that fast, take it slow, and you will learn
  • Get a Gallon of Coffee

Hope that helped!