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Hey, guys quick question, I am going to college in the fall for computer science. I just about to start learning Javascript because I just completed the HTML and CSS course. My professor said we will be learning C++ in school. Should I learn C++ to prepare for school or Javascript first, or try to do both. Let me know what better I know the Javascript goes with what I know already with HTML and CSS but I am not sure what to start with. I would like to be a software engineer.
Thank you.

“software engineer” is a broad term

if you are interested in Web Development, keep going with the frecodecamp curriculum

if you want to approach already Computer Science, try maybe with the Computer Science courses offered online from Harvard (CS50: Introduction to Computer Science is the first one)


That’s totally a personal call.



  • You’ll have a head start on your school work
  • You’ll be using it right away, so your knowledge will stay relevant


  • C++ is one of the harder languages to try to teach yourself
  • The first part of the semester may feel repetative



  • You can put your HTML/CSS knowledge to better use
  • It’s very easy to find free resources to self-teach JavaScript (including freeCodeCamp, of course)
  • The more languages you learn, the easier it becomes to learn new ones.
  • Many of the core fundamentals will translate to C++ or at least make C++ less overwhelming


  • Languages tend to be pretty use-it-or-lose it. If you won’t be using JavaScript once you start school, it will take you a while when you want to pick it up again.
  • It might be harder to stay motivated if you don’t have a reason to learn it.

tldr: It doesn’t matter. You’re going to learn a few languages over the next four year. Study whatever you want right now.

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why not try to learn both?

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You will not learn C++, You will learn how to write programs with C++ as the example language.
If you do not have a personal need or wish to learn C++ I would not lean C++ to prepare for collage.
I would increase the skill in the language I currently know or like best with small projects that implement concepts of software development like sort algorithm, trees, etc

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If you can find a good source to study C++ i assume this would be the better option, otherwise utilize the opportunity FCC gives. I doubt any other site provides as extensive schooling of a programming language for free. Id go with the FCC curriculum.
Im not familiar with C++ or many languages, but i can share my recent experience of moving from JavaScript to Python, after going neatly thru the FCC sections. It turns out they are not as different at all, if we talk about logic(which is the base for utilizing programming languages). They do tend to aim and solve same/similar problems, often using very similar methods and the difference is mostly syntax. Like you declare variable differently, you run functions slightly differently, blocks of code are separated differently etc, but their main data types are very alike(usually just called a bit differently) and they follow similar patterns of problem solving, which has two main branches- functional and object oriented programming.
I was made well familiar with functional programming and object oriented programming while using JS and this makes my experience of learning Python very pleasant and smooth. Being present with a problem, i already can imagine a working logic in my mind, i only need to adapt it using Python methods and syntax. Occasionally one or the other language will have better way of solving a particular problem, or have more ways of doing so, but my experience with JS made me aware of what i should look for, when using Python.
WIthout being familiar with C++, im pretty sure if you get a good comprehension of JS, once you step in school, even without having seen single line of C++ code, you will find it very familiar and intuitive to learn. Even when encountering advanced concepts, you will have those moment when you tell yourself, “oh i’ve seen that and i used something very similar with JS!” . :slight_smile: