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Hello, I am an electrical engineering graduate. During my degree i learned C++ and i enjoyed learning it unlike my other subjects. Keeping the story short, i need guideline that from where should i start, which programming language should i learn? How much time do i have to give daily? By the way i started learning javascript because someone told me that it is similar like c++ so it would be comparatively easier for me to learn. Should i go for it or try any other language. If anyone can guide me about roadmap and market demand/trends. I would be very thankful to you. Have a great day!

most popular programming languages
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As far as languages go, it depends on a few factors such as company size, geography, specific field you plan to enter and so on. I think you might want to do some research about your specific interests, eg web/app/software development.

JavaScript is pretty different from C++. Although you can do a lot more things nowadays with Js (nodejs - the server side version of Js), C++ is a much lower level language, which means you have to do a lot of things yourself that higher level languages would do automatically.

Js was originally meant for use in the browser. In fact all the major browsers run on Js.

Personally, I think the easiest way to learn a programming language is to learn more than one. You should aim to have some basic competence in at least 2 or 3. The reason is that the more languages you learn, the more you see similarities between them, which makes it easier to learn new languages. I recommend Python as one of those languages regardless of field just because its super flexible and much easier to learn and read. Next would be JavaScript, especially, it you plan to go into website development, Js is a must.

Also, it might take a while for this to sink in but the language you choose is probably the least important part of programming. Check out this page on MDN.

If you go through the content in order you will have a might easier time with learning to code.

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I also need a career advice i am a SEO Expert and need to expand my knowledge to the next level i mean i need to learn the Web Development and other stuff.

so you want an advice on where to learn web development?

you can do that at freecodecamp.org/learn !


Thanks. I just tried out Javascript and it looks interesting to me. I think i will be starting out with Javascript. Thank you very much

Well i was little confused that which language should i learn. I have already started to work on freecode camp. Thank you

if you want to study web development, JavaScript is mandatory!

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It depends on what you want. If you want to be a full-stack web developer you should learn Javascript for front-end and for back end you have lots of options: Python, Node JS, Java, C++ etc. Knowing C++ is really nice because it shows that you know how computers work at a low level. If you want to go for other fields like creating games, android development or desktop applications you might need to reconsider which languages you need.

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