C++, C#, JS/Java

so before i ask my question a little bit of information about me.
I´ve learned some HTML, CSS and a very tiny bit of JS in the school. Then I had some contact with Python and decided to learn C++ because I´ve heard that C++ would give me more understanding of programming than some other languages (I´m this kind of person who has to understand everything he does and thats kind of annoying but i have to hold tight not to google like everything(for example i spent like one hour googling how std::cout works (I mean what happens behind the doors) before I actually happened to write it in my code xD ))
I didn’t have any teachers or programming friends at the time so I worked with the learncpp(.)com (went through most of it i think, cant remember exactly) tutorial, no Idea if it’s good or not.
Then I´ve got to the point where I know something but don´t know what to do with that knowledge and hadn´t any Idea what to write next, so well, I dropped it.

This was like a year ago but i still have some of my old training code with my own comments which I think will be very helpful for me.

And now to the Question. I´m seriously thinking about learning programming and looking for a programmer job, maybe even going to study informatics from autumn.
I considered learning C++ because I have some basics in it and because of the reasons listed above, on the other hand i´ve heard many good things about C# and JS and there are many job opportunities with them in my city.

For training I wanted to make an “Warehouse/Production” program, with different wares, each with own prices, and production possibilities, products which can be then converted into money (sold), workers etc. Maybe turning it into a simple game after that (dont have any experience with gui, do i have to consider it before starting or can I add this in the end?)

So which of the languages would be best for this kind of task? Which would be good for future Job?
Is there still much need for c++?
And could you recommend some site with some interesting, challenging and reality/job-near tasks? I hate it that every tutorial gives you like basic knowledge, and some simple +/- John is 21yo tasks and in the end you don’t know what to do after that.

Thank you in advance, I will be grateful for any advice

FCC teaches development with JavaScript on the front and back end. If you look around the web, you will see a lot of other resources aimed at beginners teaching the same tech stack, although Ruby on Rails has also been very commonly taught as a first back end language until recently.

There are two main reasons for JavaScript’s popularity. First, the web platform is still seeing incredible growth, which means a lot of jobs and a big demand for new developers. There are just not enough Computer Science graduates to fill all the jobs.

Second, front end web development is widely viewed as the easiest way to get started and the most accessible technology for people without an engineering background.

C# is a well-respected and popular language - its one of the big three backend languages: Java, C# and PHP. However, if you go down the C# route, you will need to learn a lot of other things as well in order to become employable. You would be expected to learn .NET, be able to work with a database, and probably know some front end stuff as well.

C++ is a low level language and generally considered much harder to learn. If you don’t have an academic background in Computer Science, this is probably one to avoid.