Please help a newbie. About C++ and starting

Hello everyone, i am just starting my journey to coding. I will be attending university this semester and my major is computer engineering. I was advised by an upperclasman to get a little head start with C++. When i got into freecodecamp, i realized that we start with HTML. Which is great but i was wondering can i learn C++ at the same time and would it be smart? (Also i couldn’t find the C++ lessons on the curriculum pls help)

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C++ is a wonderful language, but as far as I know it is not a web development language which is the primary ‘stack’ that FCC offers.

The closest you’ll get to mirroring the capabilities of C++ will be through any JS lessons you encounter. Mind you those will still have a focus on wed development concepts.

It looks like through a quick search online there are a few websites that offer tutorials for that language in particular. For example: (I use their website fairly often for some concepts).

I might instead recommend learning the basics of that language and picking up a book on principles of object oriented design. C++ is a language formulated around these principles, and understanding those while having a basic knowledge of the syntax will take you much farther than just learning a language.

Part of the benefits of using C++ will be its speed and its ability to leverage design with OOP principles in mind. The basics of most languages are the same however.

Although not directly related to your question, some knowledge that might be useful as well:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


FreeCodeCamp doesn’t have a full C++ curriculum. But the basics of coding are language agnostic. You can always start with the Javascript curriculum.

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Thank you guys so much

Just to add: freeCodeCamp does have a short video course on C++

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I think it is better you start with HTML since you are a beginner,but if
and you are curious of learning it C++ go for it,but beginners are advised to start with HTML.

HTML and C++ are for two very different things. I don’t think that learning HTML is as useful for someone who will be working with C++.

I think you should till learn HTML

OP wants to be a computer engineer. Computer engineers focusing on computer hardware and low level software. HTML is great, but it is not very useful for computer engineers. However, C++ is critical for computer engineering.

You need to learn the right tool for the job you want to do. HTML can’t help you write operating systems, for example.