C++ curriculum to start

I noticed the curriculum starts out learning HTML, I am wanting to learn C++, please direct me to start learning C++

Free code camp doesn’t teach C++, the programming language it teaches is JavaScript.

here you ca learn only Web development course if your interest is something else this is not place for you

Guys, FCC has a lot more than just the challenge course:

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The Free Code Camp curriculum focuses primarily on web development. You can find mention of C++, but you would come to Free Code Camp to learn web development. C++, for the most part, is not used for web development. It’s used for games, creating operating systems, scientific computing, simulations, embedded computing, and other things, but generally not web development.

Some good authors on C++ books are Harvey Dietel and Ivor Horton. Their books are great starting points, and often the first choice of college classes.