About Learning HTML, CSS, then C++?

I’m planning to become a Developer in the future and I’m starting to learn HTML and CSS in FCC but I don’t know what programming language should I learn. I’m thinking that I’ll create a game/program and website for it by myself or with the help of others, is it good to learn C++ for it?

And I’m very weak at Math. oof


My advice for you is to start off programming with Python.
It is fairly easy to understand and has lot of use-cases (Include web and game development).
Once you have learned core programming concepts with Python you can easily learn other languages.

Some useful links :

Thank you for advice, but should I continue learning in FCC?

I would recommend sticking with the freeCodeCamp curriculum, including JavaScript for backend.

I’d argue it’s as easy and basically as versatile as Python (for what you stated you want to do) and it comes with the benefit of having this community all focussing on it too.

I don’t know of an online community that is quite as good as this for Python…there’s heaps of StackOverflow advice for Python if you get stuck, and you might find a decent forum, but as far as I’m concerned, this is the best community to learn to code in - so you might as well stick with the primary languages everyone else here is using :slight_smile:


Of course you should. That is exactly what I am doing at the moment. I am learnig Python while following FCC.
There are few reasons for that.
1.FCC is structured in a great way to make the learning easy.
2.Has a large online community.
3.You will be exposed to real life projects once you have completed all 3 section of FCC (Front end, Back end and Data visualization).
4. Cover wide area of topics (Html, Css, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Node.js, etc.)
5.Most importantly you only need basic Math knowledge.

P.S. As per my personal experience, stick in to one thing is not the best strategy to learn code more effectively. Some sections of FCC has been very easy for me since I was learning Python and vice versa.


Both of you, thank you for your advice! And I already started learning HTML, so I’ll stick to that one.