Need advice (beginner)

i know some basic of python but i want to expand my knowledge and i’ve been thiking about start with javascript, some people have told me that python is not the best way and i’m teaching myself at home. Also i’ve been doing the challenges with HTML5 here and i’m going to start with the ones of javascript, the thing is that sometimes i can’t find how to put in practice what i know and that kind of frustrates me, i really want to learn to code but i just can’t find the real inspiration and it sucks

It all depends what you aim to do. Free Code Camp does not teach Python (although we discuss it here on the forum). JavaScript is the de facto programming language of the front-end of the web so if you want to learn front-end development you’ll want to learn JavaScript. It can also be used on the back-end with Node.js. While it’s true that several languages compile to JavaScript (for example Elm, TypeScript, ClosureScript, etc…) it’s probably a good idea to learn JS first so you see what’s going on under the hood. Python, PHP, Ruby, etc can be used on the back-end.
So, all this to say that if you want to learn to program pick one language and focus on one. I know it’s tempting to learn several but you can do that down the road once you have a solid grasp of at least one. Why not go ahead and try to get a certificate here on FCC? Or if you prefer doing other stuff like machine learning or data science maybe focus on advancing your basic Python skills first. Just keep in mind that your first programming language is perhaps the hardest to learn according to many people who have said as much. A lot of the differences are just syntax , built-in methods, etc… The basics are generally similar. The beauty with JavaScript is that you can see results right away in the browser - instant feedback. As you work on projects you will find that the algorithms you worked on will come in handy. Good luck!

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